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About Us

Acid Creative 

Acid Creative  is an experienced film and video production company emerging today with new projects, prestigious film awards and international collaboration initiatives. Our 2020 vision in light of new multilingual, and multi national freedoms, is to produce for the under-recognized regions and untold stories and the world through documentaries, cultural documentary series, commercials and feature films. Acid Creative, with managing and creative producers, award winning directors, multi talented story tellers have produced and continue to produce prestigious award winning projects. Acid Creative is also a leading full service production and post-production house.

The Team

The People of Acid Creative

Derya Tarim

Derya Tarım is a founder of The Lacivert Film Company, and a partner of Acid Creative. She has been producing and managing several award wining feature movies and productions which have brought success. Her last two movies took part at programs/official selections of 30 International film festival and were awarded. Derya has attended international
coproduction platforms and workshops included Cannes Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Market, Karlovy Vary Film Festival, WEMW Trieste, Meeting on the Bridge, EEFA Network for last feature movies
“Circle”. She has produced feature documentary which is Spanish Turkish
coproduction, eurimages funded, titled “Singled Out”. She is working on new feature movies “Who Has The Most Grudge Cast The First Stone” in finance development , “Daphne Grows Roots” Turkish American coproduction located in Los Angeles and feature documentary “Master of Brain” which is in post production. She also has worked with UNDP as a consultant – producer and she produces cultural Tv
formats for TRT 2.

Gokce Altan

Gokce Altan has worked as talent

agent for more than 15 years in

the industry. She has worked with

numerous screen writers,

contributing in the project

development process, and helping

the projects to get the matching

producer and gets produced with

the distribution-driven cast and



Ms. Altan has been working with

writer-director Atil Inac in the

development and production

dealings of the 'Daphne Grows

Roots' project.

Emre Dundar

Creative Development

Emre Dundar is an accomplished composer from Berlin. He focuses on musical representations of various aspects of spoken languages.The composer has a deep interest for the musical value and counterparts of the act of speaking-telling, and frames his musical language around the notion of “narration”, focusing on ancient rhetorical traditions in particular. He establishes the expressive contexts of his works on the basis of different forms taken by the concept of narration during its journey throughout the history and on various possible applications of the act of “narration”. In this sense, poetry and formal problems of poetry have a direct impact on the composer’s musical language.

Volkan Karakas

Art Director and 3D Generalist

As Art Director, Volkan creates concept design for unity, unreal games, using low or high poly modeling and animation, lighting, optimizing different techniques. He is an avid motion graphics artist and 3D generalist. He designs, scripts and develops concepts for several sizable AR projects using face, image and 3D object tracking algorithms. On top of English, he speaks Greek, Russian and Turkish.

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